I just started shooting with the Sony FS7 and thought I'd drop in some pre-graded and graded screen grabs from our recent shoot. Just a few. I'm still just getting a feel for it. If any of you experts have suggestions, let me know. Ohhh, and BTW way... HOLY CRAP the dynamic range is incredible!

Box Truck For Sale

Hey everyone. After a number of years of great use I've decided to sell my box truck. I've used it for a production truck. I have carried all my gear in it, but it is suited for all kinds of things. Here are a few pictures. If you're interested and don't live near the East Texas Area send me a message... Although, I get a lot of mail on this site so it might be best to respond to the craigslist ad here.

Here are some pictures.

Drone Kit

 This is a ready to fly system based around the famous Phantom 2. I had to do a fair amount of research and even a little modification to the unit to get this system how I wanted. It's a blast.

Check the bottom of the post for a list of what I used. 

Here is some footage from this system.