Death to Smoochy and The Problem With Christian music

We watched Death to Smoochy tonight. I was pleasantly surprised. It was directed by Danny Devito. I've decided I want to look into watching some other Devito flicks. I think I might actually put this movie in the category of comedic mobster crime drama. It had a heavy dose of Irony. If you get a chance I'd recommend it.

As always check the rating, if you have a problem with language then this movie is probably not for you.

This is getting away from the FILM theme of this blog but...

As a side note, the language issue is pretty silly to me. They're just words. Now, don't get me wrong, words are important but I'm more interested in how they are used, not what specific words are employed. Living in East Texas it seems like it's common to make a judgment call on whether something is wholesome or valuable based on what I would call some very surface things.

I feel like the more we label and categorize certain bits of content the more we take away the ability and maybe even the need for discernment.  Here's an example. I grew up listening to Christian music. That's just what everyone in my youth group did. It was Newsboys or DCtalk or Jars of clay. I still love those bands.

However, I do have a bit of a problem with the idea of labeling any kind of music as Christian and it's probably not for the reason you may think. Let's say that you are uncomfortable with "secular" music as it's called in East Texas. It's always for the fear of the potential content that might be heard. Here's whats wrong with that categorization (1) it villainizes  everything that is not "Christian Music". The problem with this is that on "secular radio", the flavor of the month could be singing about ending war, loving your neighbor, or a host of other great ideals. But since we've turned "secular music" into a naughty thing now those great messages are now off limits.

Now (2) the second problem is the reversal of the first, if you only sanction what's on the inside of the "christian" box then it takes away the need for discernment. In the real world the most healthy way to process and develop your world veiw is to take in what is said, analyze it, and determine if it fits with sound logic, and good morals. If you only partake in what's inside the christian box then, like cave lizards who no longer retain the need for eyes, you grow weak in your ability to discern quality content.

(3) and of coarse it would be niave to assume that all content that fits in the "CHRISTIAN music/literature/movie" category is quality, sound logically, or even theologically.

(4) One of the easiest ways to grow relationships with people in the "secular" world is to have common ground, so maybe you don't listen to GodSmack because you've decided that it doesn't fit your morals but, there is probably some group that you could start a conversation about that would allow you to connect with others. Oh, but ooops you only listen to christian music, try saying that without it sounding condescending. The last thing that would-be grass roots evangelists need is no common ground.

Ok, I could go on but I think that's about all for now. Let me set the record straight here. I am not saying that Christian music is bad, what I'm saying is categorizing music, movies, or books, so strictly to the point where there is no need for personal discernment is a bad idea.

So anyway, Death to Smoochy Great movie. 

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