Not your average zombie movie

American Zombie is not your average zombie movie. This movie was particularly genius. It was done as a documentary. It had a very real to life tone. It had all the feel of a good documentary but the driving plot line of a scripted movie. That is, of coarse because, it was a scripted movie.

I don't traditionally like horror movies, that's why I liked this one. It's not really a horror movie, it was done like a cultural awareness film for the growing population of living dead. In this film, there were really not any wondering mindless flesh eaters, all the zombies that you see are functioning parts of society, and most are able to go unnoticed in normal society. They hold down jobs, and lead semi-normal lives. This is quite a departure from the genera but it offered a nice edge of suspense while exploring the quasi-normal world of the living dead. If you're holding your breath for blood and guts, then this film will turn you blue. However, in the end, as you might expect, the community of zombies is not as safe as they are leading the public to believe.  This is a Netfix instant watch must see. 

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