Texas Press Messenger

My photo is on the cover of the Texas Press Messenger this week. This is the official publication of the Texas Press Association. It apparently goes out to most every press organization in Texas. The reason that I found myself on the front page is  due to my connection with the Kilgore News Herald. It's probably been close to a year now, that we've been making movies. Movies you say? Yeah. In an effort to create a number of fresh revenue streams the News Herald has begun to sell documentaries. They sell, I fulfill the orders. We've done a number of films together now. This along with Kilgore News' web and weekly audio news cast has gained them recognition from this statewide publication. They deserve it, I have been very impressed with James Drapper, my associate producer on these projects. He's a whirlwind, and quite difficult to keep up with. Currently he has me working on a feature length documentary about the Texas Shakespeare Festival, a web series for East Texas Treatment Center, He's got three feature length documentaries in the works, and tomorrow we start shooting for Bulldogs replay, a season long shoot of the Kilgore high school football games. In the Texas Press Article, he was misquoted as saying that this new stream of projects has been a boom for KNH marketing. He told me what he actually said was that it has been a boon for KNH. The word boon means a timely benefit. I would say that James and all of Kilgore News Herald has represented both a boon and a boom in my business. 

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