New Films

We have a number of great projects coming up.

I just got word a few days ago that out movie InDifferent Worlds got accepted and will be carried by Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes. It's been pretty hard to get our work into iTunes. We are looking forward to seeing what this does for getting this film out to a larger audience. It won't be available in iTunes for a few months.

Another project that is coming up pretty soon is called "the point." It's a feature length film about a group of aspiring musicians that have to make some hard decisions about what is important. The script is by Hannah Beets. We've worked with Hannah before on a movie called Such Subtleties. We're excited to do it again. This will be a pretty tight schedule because we are going to try to shoot the whole thing in about 15 days. It should be great fun.

Another thing I'm really excited about is "Blank Canvas." This is a feature length film with a script by LeAnn Morris. I (Lucas Kitchen) wrote a rough draft and handed it off to a pro. She took it and made it work. My ideas were confusing and messy. She's woven it into a true work of art. It's about a young artist who is trying to find herself in a very competitive art scene. This project is not slated for production until sometime next year. It's very fluid at this point.

The Book of Luke. This is a live recording of a Stage performance of the Book Of Luke at Kilgore College. It's billed as a live, two actor, recitation of the book of Luke with minimal sets and staging. We will do a quick turn around on this because we are making the production available to the buyers by day 2 of the stage performances. The performance is done in connection with Texas Shakespeare Festival.

Just recently fulfilled an order of 200 DVDs of a documentary we shot about 6 months ago. It was about a spiritual crusade that happened in East Texas. You can find it on our Store page. I'm glad this project is going to get out to at least 200 folks. I'm hoping in a few weeks they will order another 200.

Film distribution is hard. Very hard.

Well that's what's going on with us. Any questions?

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