Videographer's Guide // Audio Location

Videography can be a difficult occupation. A decade or more ago, if you were going to be a videographer there were a narrow range of places that your work would and could be seen. The interconnectivity of the web has made the demand for professional videographers skyrocket. It's a thriving industry and it's constantly changing. Maybe you have dreamed about being a videographer but don't know where to start. Recently we shot and released the first 3 parts of a series we are calling videographer's guide. It's a series that's designed to help give an overview of videography especially focussing on the art of interviews. This first group of videos focus on audio. It is broken up into 3 parts. 

The First Video is about location. It seems simple but the location that you choose to shoot your interview is very important. In this short video we talk about the things to watch for when choosing locations. Sometimes, however, you can't eliminate noise in a certain location and you are locked into shooting. This video also talks about what can be done to work with the ambience in a given spot.

Enjoy. Feel free to leave comments on this page or in the comment area on the youtube page. 

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  1. Good thing that we have good videographers who can keep track of the memories we cannot forget.