GoPro Hero2 Review

First let me tell you why I bought one in the first place.

I'm a professional videographer/digital filmmaker, I do it full time. (I don't work for GoPro by the way - this is an independent review) So I thought I would like to add aerial footage to what I can offer my clients. I looked around for a suitable camera and the GoPro kept standing out. I shot some aerial stuff with it and thought it was a neat camera but I was not very impressed with the footage at first. At the time I was flying it on a big helium balloon. Check out the video below to see how it worked. This was shot on iPhone4 and GoPro.

Although I got a few usable shots the balloon was so shaky that the footage was pretty much crap. My balloon eventually landed and popped and I got the camera back but was simply not impressed.

So a few months later I was packing up for a shoot at a summer camp that I've done for a few summers now. This camp has lots of sports and water games. We got an old helmet from the camp and attached the gopro on the helmet and had a blast. The kids loved it.

What I was really surprised at was the quality. It was beautiful. There were a lot of different settings but the one I loved the most was having 720 at 60fps. That meant we could slow the footage down to 40% and get a nice slow motion. It also had 120fps but we didn't use it much because it lowers the resolution to VGA. It also has a really WIDE angle option when you have it in full HD.

So the quality of the footage was much higher than I expected. I figured since I bought it at best buy and it was only 300 bucks that it would be a piece of crap. It was obviously not. The footage was plenty good. Not to mention that we could take it under water, or in the air or whatever. Now don't get me wrong, its still a small automatic camera, so we could definitely tell a difference between the footage from it and our pro cam we had with us, which was a sony EX1R. However, they mixed together well enough, and for those special shots, it doesn't matter as much if the color looks a little different cause you're under water for pete sake. It allowed us to get some really fun shots.

Here is a little bit more footage for your footage tasters.

So if your sports person, or have kids, or whatever, this is a really cool camera. It also has lots of neat accessories. Here's a link below if you're interested.

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