Top 10 Short Films

My top 10 favorite short films for this month. Some of all time.

Sorry to start with a tear jerker. I've watched this a number of times and cried each time, and I don't even have a dog.

This is a great sic-fi piece. Pay attention to the amazing mood changes done mostly with color grading.

A stunningly beautiful bit of work running at 300 fps and shot on red epic. I'v actually worked with one of the shooters for this project.

A mind bender shot on the c300. Good twist at the end.

A Philip Bloom Piece of Beauty. Enough said.

A Powerful Fairytale. Whitestone Motion Pictures has a great library of work. Check em' out.

An Ocean Rescue Adventure. Filmed as a reminder for those who died in the Katrina floods.

A powerful musical.

A nice available Light Shoot.

Based on a popular game. Beautiful lighting. 

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