traveling with the sony fs100

This is why I love the sony FS100. I am flying out to the east coast and I needed to travel light. I wanted to carry something other than my Canon 7D. No doubt I could pack even lighter if I was ok with my 7D footage, but I just had to at least try packing the Sony. So I had a metal handle box, that looks a lot like a pistol case. I'm hoping it will pass through security easily enough. I bought a nice Rode NT2 about 13 years ago, and the mic came in this case. So I ripped the foam out of it and started loading it up.

So the nice thing about this case is that it fit the length of the fs100 perfectly. I was able to fit one lens into the case with it. If I have to travel with one lens my choice is the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. Most of what we will be shooting is close range stuff and wide shots on the beach. We are shooting some footage for a film we are working on. So we wanted top quality.

Nicely, it fits within the carryon. I don't check bags when I fly so this was a must.  The idea is that the metal casing should be able to withstand a bit of knocking around. So I'm excited to see how it goes.


  1. it was pretty heavy, I wound up carrying it in a backpack and we had to walk about 4 miles, so although it wouldn't have mattered on a short walk, I was really feeling it by the time we got there.