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One question that a lot of freelance videographers have is, what do I do when I'm between jobs. Glad you asked. I am not exactly between projects but I've had less shooting jobs lately and more edits, so it's given me a little bit of time to do some other projects. One of the things that I did this week was a poptent project. Poptent.net is a great place to drum up some business... sort of. It's a crowd sourcing site for video. Crowd sourcing is where a client posts a job. The client may say something like, "we need a 30 second commercial that shows the benefit of our latest product line." They will give details and guidelines. Then a number of videographers from all over will accept the challenge and shoot a commercial. Now at this point  I had a good time with this project on poptent. My wife was out of town for a few days so I hung out with my brother on Tuesday. I got back home about midnight. For whatever reason I got online and was tooling around. I noticed poptent.net had a project that had a good payout, very few submissions, and was due the next day. Normally I wouldn't go for it but the mood struck. So I paced the house for about an hour brainstorming. When I got an idea that I really liked I started shooting. I think I was loading in, at about 2:30 or 3:00 am. I shot until about 5:30. I got to a shot

 where I needed some sunlight to stream in the window, so I had to wait till morning. I woke up a few hours later and finished up the project. It was a blast. All day until I submitted it, I was jittery and excited. I haven't been that excited about getting a project in in a really long time. Since I was by myself and the project was due the next day, I didn't have any time to get any actors so I just used my ugly face. It was a blast. I will also say, that if you want to add production value to your shoots, get yourself a fog machine. I carry with me, two 400 watt fog machines. I only really need one in most every situation. It can fill most medium sized rooms with plenty of fog. It adds a lot of value to the look for most situations. As far as the video I can post a link to it probably in a month after the project is finished.


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