I'm super excited. I've seen the face of my next camera (I think). the NEX-EA50 looks like a GREAT step in the right direction. It will bridge that gap back to a real feeling camcorder for all those DSLR shooters that have been moaning since the big change.

Here is a video that contains the press release content.

On interesting thing to me is that they have gone with a higher pixel count on the sensor. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing if they are using multiple pixel arrays rather than simple line and pixel skipping.

I love that they have finally put together a lens setup that works like a video camera should. I can't wait to get my hands on this camera.

This is basically what I feel like I've been waiting for in a large sensor format camera. I mean sure, I love the look that you can get with the fs100 and competitors but this is looking to be a return to the comfortable format. I feel like we took this 6 year detour and have finally gotten back to where we need to be for video camera work.

I still love shooting documentary style stuff on cameras that take this same form factor so this makes a lot of sense. It looks like Sony has not yet released the bitrate of the camera.

There are a few drawbacks as of right now with this camera. It has no ND filters. What the crap sony, aren't we past this. Why couldn't you put those in there. The answer seems to be that they put in a physical shutter of some kind to do still images and this made it impossible to have an ND filter wheel.

One thing that I think will be interesting is using the lens that they developed with this camera on other cameras like the FS700. You can put this lens on any e-mount camera and it will zoom and function properly. So I think maybe even just the lens is a great idea. One thing I don't like about the lens is that the barrel comes out when zoomed. That has always annoyed me.

All in all I think this is a really cool camera and if nothing else, is a really good first step back to a comfortable place. I am guessing that they will develop some more large sensor cameras in this form factor. It should be exciting to see what they come out with.

Here is a link to the B and H page, so check it out.



  1. While I'm in a very different "line of business" (event videography), I share your excitement about the NEX-EA50 and can't wait for it to ship to my door.


    1. Have you ordered one? If so, I'd love to post your review on this site once you get it.

    2. Yes, I should be in the first batch to be shipped out. I'll start reviewing it as soon as it arrives. Will have great opportunity to test it in a short film setting at the end of November.

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