Youtube Partner Status Revoked

Yeah that's right, see that picture... I'm an idiot and really screwed up a dream that I've had for some time, and the worst part is that it's my fault.

A little forenote first. Every youtube video creator wants to be a youtube partner. If you're a partner you get the best deal on revenue sharing and what-not.

So I got a nice email today. It informed me that my Youtube Partner Status had been revoked. This was interesting to me mainly because I was not aware that I had been awarded youtube partner status. That's where I first started racking up idiot points. I had noticed that the features of my youtube channel seemed to be upgraded about a year ago. I had a few features that I thought only youtube partners had. I didn't think much of it though, I assumed that it must have been some new phase of customizability that youtube was offering for all users. I remember applying for youtube partner but... well I'm the idiot so I guess it went through and I didn't know.

So, I get this email that tells me it's been revoked. In one moment, I felt proud and crushed. I had not realized I already had something that I had been wanting for a long time. In that same moment it was ripped from me like a lollypop from a child who's virgin taste buds just discovered the beautiful allure of hard candy sugar for the first time.

Why was it revoked you say? Great question. I had been playing around with a few third party youtube promotion tools. These tools claimed that they were 100% safe. Tubepromoter and fanmenow were the names of these vile digital offenders. I say offenders because they apparently were not 100% safe. They shot my views through the roof, which was cool. They apparently also attracted the attention of the google Adsense police. Now mind you that these two services said they were totally safe because they provided "real views." Google apparently didn't see it that way.

The google Adsense Team shut down my Adsense account a few days later. I didn't immediately realize how serious this was for my digital future. I casually appealed the decision requesting that someone take note that I had been foolish and basically screwed up, and would love another chance.

It wasn't until I started to think through the consequences of this stupid decision that it began to hit me what I had done. See, you have to understand the Adsense rules. They say that if your Adsense account gets turned off, you can't open a new account. If you can't open or maintain an Adsense account you can't do revenue sharing on youtube. If you can't do revenue sharing on youtube, then you can't maintain partner status....

So not only have I lost my ability to be a youtube partner I've lost the ability to ever earn any money on youtube again. At least honestly, and I'm into being honest as you may be able to tell. Actually it meant that even the ads on my blog were removed. That's why the side bar advertisements probably look a little different than they used to.

I feel like the guy who had an amazing, rich, beautiful girlfriend but didn't know it. She shows up at 4 am to tell him she's breaking up with him cause he accidentally put his foot in his mouth about her weird birthmark on her forehead. Poor guy right... INSERT PITY HERE. Was it his fault? Yeah kind of but ultimately she's the one that's super sensitive. Point is, I did screw up, but it was a screw up that I stumbled into accidentally, and I feel like youtube is super sensitive about there Adsense set up.

Here's some other options that wouldn't be such a kick in the pants (google are you listening?). If you're so smart Google, why don't you just not pay me for the views that you think were fake. That would be a heck of a lot easier than making me go through all this crap... oh yeah I forgot you don't care about what you put people through because you're a huge corporation.

Now don't get me wrong, I still like Google, and I think they have done, and are doing amazing things. I'm just really mad at what this mistake has done to me. I think in the long run it will push me toward Vimeo, which is a platform that I like better anyways. I'm considering (after all this crap) going and getting a Vimeo Pro account. Which by the way you should check into. They have some really cool options. With Vimeo plus they now have å monetization button called tip jar, that allows folks to give some money to a project. They will eventually have a pay to watch options as well. When that happens, I'll probably make the full switch.

Ok now that I've said all that, I'd like to supply a second reason why my account may have been shut down. You're probably thinking, "what you don't KNOW why your account got shut down?" Yeah that's right, and neither does anyone else who's account gets banned. They give you this line about how, to protect the system from being manipulated they have to keep that kind of information secret. So it's possible that I got shut down for clicking my own ads... I know I know, it's a big no no. But here's the deal. I'm writing the content for this website, and as a result the ads that come up, when I look at the site the ads are targeted for people just like me. So from time to time, I saw an ad that really appealed to me. I rarely, if ever, clicked it on my own computer (although it's possible). I did for sure click some of my ads when I'd look at the site on my wife's computer. I don't think that's what got my account banned, but I suppose it's possible. If that's it, I would feel like a total moron. It's simple and I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I assumed that they had some way to tell that if it came from my IP address, then it doesn't count. I had no idea that they'd shut the door on my shop without so much as a warning.

In any case, I'm pretty pissed about this whole stupid thing. If you're out there and you want to make youtube partner, or even do revenue sharing, don't do what I did. DON'T USE THIRD PARTY VIEW PROMOTERS AND DON'T FREAKING CLICK ON YOUR ADS. I honestly don't know which of those two things did it. Maybe both.

So what now? I will still post content to youtube... for now. I will begin to consider vimeo more heavily. The main thing I'm looking for, is social networking connectivity. Right now youtube is really good about that but I think vimeo is probably no slouch in that area either. So anyway. that's it for now. It's been a pretty crappy day because of all this. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or just want to post an angry rant below... or make fun of me for making such a stupid mistake, then please feel free. Comment below.



  1. Wow, this sucks big time. A couple of years ago there was a real crack down on Google's Adsense for fake clicks that advertiser were paying for. Ultimate this cost Google a lot of money to settle (as in: tens of millions of dollars). So, from that perspective I think it is understandable that they take a very hard line at anything that looks like fake clicks. The same recently started with promotion in Google Search (SEO or Search Engine Optimization). If you ever engage in those schemes you will see your search results drop very quickly.
    A top here: Whenever you find a company you want to do business with, do a bit of research. One thing to do is a whois on their domain name. shows that Tubepromoter has hidden it's name and address in whois registration. That's a red flag. (They cannot be found in BBB, which is neither here nor there.) Find reviews (Google: review + [company name]): is pretty negative. (Watch out if you find a lot of positive reviews, but the wording is (almost) exactly the same on every site.) Read support forums: shows definitely that the company does fishy things and that YouTube is on to them. They are probably finding and blocking their IP addresses. Another good Google search: scam [or fraud] + [company name]. (Note: with real bad companies, this will also find you some hurrah stories, as they "poison" those search results.) This finds more problem areas.
    What you will also find with these searches is that some people have been lucky when writing (paper mail) to Google, explain exactly what happened and how they thought what they did was according to the rules. What probably helped in your case is that you didn't make any money off of it, as you did "monetize" any of your videos (yet). Plead innocent mistake, ask them to zero your view counts, and promise to never use any view/search enhancing service again.

  2. Great idea Adrian, thank you I will try that.

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