Drone Kit

 This is a ready to fly system based around the famous Phantom 2. I had to do a fair amount of research and even a little modification to the unit to get this system how I wanted. It's a blast.

Check the bottom of the post for a list of what I used. 

Here is some footage from this system.

List of gear:
Phantom 2
RC controler
2axis H3 Gimbal.
Gopro Hero 3
2 Phantom 2 Batteries (can fly for about 45 to 50 minutes with the extra battery) 
AVL 5.8GHz Video Link Transmitter and reciever (for FVP)
Right Pack 2100 battery and charger for FPV reciever.
DP4 SmallHD video monitor. (runs on AA, canon batteries, or AC outlet)
   -Which is a much nicer screen than is needed for this rig, BUT It's actually a professional small screen for shooting video. With an HDMI cable you can also use this with your video or dslr rig. 
16GB SanDisk Ultra flash drive
Blade gaurds
Extra blades (some extras are used but still decent condition)
Stand and arm clamp for FVP screen to mount to (I also clip receiver and antenna to it)
Pelican Case for Phantom gear
Hard metal case for screen


  1. Nice setup you have there :) What range do you manage to get from it? I would suggest using goggles as they makes life much easier :) You can even find cheap goggles with a screen, or simply a pair that can hold your HQ video screen ;) Anyway, if you ever decide to give making your own kit drone a shot, I suggest checking this guide, it will help you a lot: http://mydronelab.com/best-pick/build-your-own-drone-kit.html